Utility Ranger is simplifying resident utility billing

We want to invite you to be at the front of the line for Utility Ranger, the platform designed to help property managers better manage and invoice their residents’ utility bills.

The problem

Utility costs on the rise while residents do little to conserve.

Utilities are the third largest expense for apartment owners. Billing residents for utilities and other fees can be a big headache with the current service providers. Many of the current providers target large apartment owners leaving you and your properties without a good solution. 

Delayed bill cycles, long reimbursement times, and poor service leave apartment owners frustrated. You don’t need a service provider to do this for you, you just need the right tool to do it yourself.

Resident Utility Billing—Simplified.

We built a utility billing system from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Just load your residents and your utility bills and the system does the rest.


Utility Ranger is simple to use. First, you will enter your utility bills or other ancillary expenses (such as pest control & trash collection) into the platform.

Next, the system will calculate each unit’s proportionate share of the costs based on the size of their unit and the number of people living in the unit.

Some of the benefits of using Utility Ranger include:​

An eco-friendly
solution to bills

Utility Ranger is entirely digital. So no more mailing resident bills or dealing with delays from USPS.

Fun and simple to use

Utility Ranger’s NOI Mission Tracker and Star It Task Tracker make utility billing fun and easy for anyone.

Create a new
revenue stream

Utility Ranger is the only Utility Billing SaaS product designed to create another revenue stream for you aside from utilities.

About the Co-Founder

Tiffany Mittal is a multi-family owner and investor; she has seen firsthand how NOI boosting technologies have grown the value of her properties and helped her develop her portfolio.

Tiffany has also led multiple companies to exponential growth, both in the San Diego area and across the country. She also serves as the Independent Rates Oversight Committee’s Chair in San Diego, improving the city’s access to fair utility rates.

Tiffany created Utility Ranger because she is committed to democratizing the property technology space and creating opportunities for multi-family investors to grow their portfolios and wealth. She believes this platform is a great way to do so.

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